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Branch Office Registration Services in Australia

We offer Branch Office Registration Services to foreign companies seeking to register a company in Australia. From document certification and business registration to ongoing compliance and tax advisory, our consultants provide the expert guidance you need for seamless company registration in Australia. 

If you do not have anyone in Australia to fulfil the Resident Agent requirement for branch offices, we provide Resident Agent services to further assist you.

Our Branch Office Registration Services

We provide end-to-end solutions for your Branch Office registration needs in Australia, including:

Pre-registration Services
Registration Services
Post-registration Services

What is a Branch Office in Australia?

Foreign companies seeking to carry out their business activities in Australia to generate income can set up a Branch Office, a business structure with no separate legal entity from its parent company and where the parent company is liable for its debts and liabilities. 

The parent company is required to appoint a Resident Agent who shall be authorised to receive, on behalf of the parent company, official communications issued to the parent company from the government – for business registration as well as notices, ongoing compliance, and other communications. A Branch Office is subject to the same regulations as local corporations and must file annual returns and financial statements to ASIC.

How to Set Up a Branch Office in Australia

#1: Check availability and reserve company name

You need to check the availability of your company name in ASIC’s online directory. If a local company is already registered under the same name, we can help you choose an alternate name. If your company name is already registered as a trademark by another company in Australia, you are no longer allowed to use it. 

Your chosen name must follow the guidelines set by ASIC, such as:

  • not identical or nearly identical to an existing name
  • not already registered as a domain name
  • not using restricted terms without government approval (i.e., trust, university, chartered, credit society, etc.)
  • not offensive (consider the possibility of the name being misunderstood)
  • not suggesting illegal activity/ies


#2: Registered office address

You must have a registered office address in Australia. The address must not be a P.O. Box. We can help you find the best location in your chosen state/territory and provide expert advice on navigating local property laws and regulations.


#3: Obtain ASIC Form 402 and compile supporting documents

We will assist you in obtaining the application form ASIC Form 402 (Application for Registration as a Foreign Company) and compiling certified copies of your company documents, namely:

  • current Certificate of Incorporation/Registration or its equivalent
  • company constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association or its equivalent)
  • memorandum of appointment of the Resident Agent or Power of Attorney in favour of the Resident Agent
  • details of all directors, including date and place of birth
  • memorandum stating the powers of all directors

Depending on your circumstances, additional documents may be required, of which our team will inform you ahead of time. 


#4: Lodge Form 402 and supporting documents to ASIC

After completing the application form and compiling the necessary documents, you must submit them to ASIC with the applicable fee. If the registration is successful, ASIC will issue an Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) – a unique, 9-digit number issued to foreign companies registered with ASIC. You can use the ARBN to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN). 


#5: Register for an ABN

After obtaining an ARBN, you can register for an ABN with the Australian Business Register (ABR). The ABN is for identifying your business in Australia so you can legally conduct business, trade and execute supplier contracts, employ staff, and transact with government agencies. 


#6: Register for taxes

You need to register for a Tax File Number (TFN), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Pay as You Go (PAYG) with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax compliance purposes. 

The TFN will be used for lodging your tax returns and statements. If your business has an annual turnover of AU$75,000, you must register for GST. If you will employ local staff, registering for PAYG is required. We will provide you professional assistance to expedite the process. 


#7: Open a local bank account

After obtaining an ABN, registered company name, and registered office address, you can start applying for a local bank account. Subject to the bank’s KYC requirements, you might need to be in Australia to complete the bank account opening process. Alternatively, we can represent you on your behalf if you’re overseas. 


#8: Business permits and licences

If your chosen line of business/industry/location requires you to obtain licences or permits to legally operate, you need to apply for such. We can help you apply for the right licences/permits for your business in the relevant state/territory or at the federal level.

Register a Branch Office in Australia Hassle-Free

We have been the partner of choice of hundreds of foreign companies on their market-entry plans to Australia, offering a wealth of knowledge on the most important legal and tax concerns for their business. From business registration and bank account opening to ongoing compliance and tax advisory, we are dedicated to supporting your success story in Australia.   

Fast-track your Branch Office registration with our end-to-end corporate solutions.

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