Corporate Governance Services in Australia

Having solid foundations for corporate governance is at the heart of every successful business. We at Company Set Up Australia work closely with our clients to help them establish effective business frameworks and uncover the key drivers for their success.

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We designed our services to meet your business needs at every stage of development, so you can transition smoothly and gain a trusted advisor to help you focus on what’s important to reach your business goals.

Boardroom Administration

Generate notice of meetings

Prepare meeting agendas

Attend board, director and general (shareholder) meetings

Draft detailed meeting minutes and board resolutions

Maintain minute books and corporate registers

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Business Administration

Capital table management

Secure storage of company/trust registers and permanent documentation

Maintain/update officeholder registers

Manage relationships with stakeholders

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Corporate Governance Advisory

Audit current governance processes

Corporatisation of governance practices (creation and enactment)

Evaluate existing management structures

Development of business charters

Internal policies and procedures

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We customise our solutions to fit your business objectives to ensure your company can quickly adapt to evolving legislation and economic uncertainties.

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We work with companies of all sizes, from multinational and ASX-listed corporations to startups, so we know what you need to get ahead of the competition.

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We offer cross-border corporate solutions to help you expand your business in over 8 countries in the Asia-Pacific.

We provide every professional help you need from conception to expansion.

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