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Outsourced Corporate Secretarial Services in Australia

We provide Outsourced Corporate Secretarial services to local and foreign companies in Australia seeking to meet their compliance requirements with the government. Our highly-qualified Corporate Secretaries currently provide services to multiple companies from various industries, acting as valuable corporate officers indispensable to the success of their business.

Our Outsourced Corporate Secretarial Services

We provide every professional help you need from conception to expansion.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary in Australia?

Australian corporate secretaries are company officers who oversee their company’s timely compliance with regulatory and statutory obligations as well as the practice of good corporate governance.

They also play a critical role in making sure the board is equipped with the right information and guidance they need to make informed decisions.

Their responsibilities are generally divided into four categories:

#1: Organising and Attending Meetings

Corporate secretaries are expected to organise and attend meetings of the board, shareholders, and committee. As such, they must comply with meeting notice requirements and document the minutes of each meeting to ensure the meeting is held in good faith and the board is fulfilling their fiduciary duties.

#2: Record Keeping

Corporate secretaries must maintain minute books and statutory registers, including other important company records such as:

  • company constitution and by-laws
  • registration certificates and amendments thereto
  • company resolutions
  • financial records
  • lists of directors and shareholders
  • stock and transfer books
#3: Lodging Compliance Requirements to ASIC

Depending on the service agreement between the company and corporate secretary, the latter can prepare and lodge compliance obligations for registration, ongoing compliance, and deregistration. They can also submit to ASIC the necessary documentation for amendments to company details (i.e., officeholder details, share capital details, registered office address, and company name).

#4: Overseeing the Practice of Good Governance

As an essential source of advice on the proper conduct of business and the key individual in maintaining a sustainable governance framework, corporate secretaries generally perform the following duties:

  • ensure meetings are called and held properly
  • ensure meeting agenda and the resolutions that arise therefrom are accurately recorded in minutes
  • supervise the conduct of board directors, executives, and/or shareholders during meetings and ensure they operate according to the provisions of the company’s constitution, by-laws, and/or internal policies and procedures
  • act in the best interest of the company at all times
Outsourced Corporate Secretary Australia

Why Hire an Outsourced Corporate Secretary for Your Company in Australia

#1: Higher accuracy and timely submissions

With outsourced corporate secretarial services, you can be assured of timely and consistent handling of your compliance requirements with a high level of accuracy. Professional corporate secretaries are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to ensure all processes are conducted correctly and efficiently, without any compromise on quality. 

Our expert team is dedicated to helping your business meet all your compliance requirements ahead of time to avoid incurring late fees and penalties for non-compliance, late filing, or incomplete documents.

#2: Proven expertise and solid experience

Corporate secretaries have extensive experience in multiple industries, giving them the flexibility to adjust their skills to the specific needs of your business. They also provide critical advice on how you can improve your business in various areas, from corporate advice on resolving conflicts between the company and its shareholders to accounting advice on handling financial reports.  

With their solid experience, our Corporate Secretaries can offer you the above-mentioned professional services, including valuable advice on your business dealings with companies from other industries.

#3: More cost-effective than employing in-house

Hiring and training your own in-house corporate secretary is a significant investment. Besides the costs of recruitment and onboarding, you also have to consider the costs for compensation and benefits, work equipment, employment taxes, and other associated overhead expenses. 

Unlike in-house corporate secretaries, our expert team does not have to undergo training for certifications and professional development. With our outsourced services, you only need to worry about the service fee and therefore can allocate more money towards growing your business.

#4: Access to advanced technology

As a professional services provider, we invest heavily in specialised software dedicated to our secretarial services. You can leverage our advanced technology so you don’t have to pay a large amount of money building a system for the same tasks.

#5: Minimise risks and focus more on critical business functions

When you outsource, the responsibility of consistently meeting your compliance obligations falls on your outsourced corporate secretary. Since they are required to accomplish work within an agreed timeframe, the risk of non-compliance and late filing is significantly reduced. Which in turn, gives you peace of mind and more time for your business operations.

Our team is a partner of choice by many companies in Australia, so you can be assured of quality, efficient, and reliable outsourced corporate secretarial services. Be it corporate compliance or business registration in Australia, we have the right team to assist you.

Focus on your business and let our corporate secretaries handle your compliance paperwork.