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Corporate Bank Account Opening Services in Australia

We offer Corporate Bank Account Opening services to companies registered in Australia, from multinational corporations and ASX-listed entities to proprietary companies (pty ltd) and startups. Our business consultants work with Australia’s best banks for business accounts, including National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, and Westpac to assist our clients with processing the right requirements and completing the account opening procedures to ensure their applications get approved.

Our Corporate Bank Account Opening Services

How to Open a Business Bank Account in Australia

Before opening an Australian corporate bank account, you must first assess what type of business account you need and compare which features and benefits are more important to your business. The following factors should greatly affect your choice of banking partner:

  • account fees
  • international fees 
  • account limits
  • multiple currencies
  • overdraft facilities 
  • branch access
  • online banking

We will help you decide which among the many business account types will provide you the most benefits depending on your business needs. 

As a general rule among big Australian banks, you must have a local company registered under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001 and a registered office address to be eligible to open a business account). 

  • Notarised copies of corporate registers, including Certificate of Registration, ACN, ABN (if applicable), share certificates, proof of registered office address, etc. 
  • Certified true copies of identification documents of the shareholders/directors/signatories, including passports, driver’s licence, and director IDs 
  • Board resolution showing the names of appointed signatory/ies
  • Request letter for the bank account opening

If you do not have a local signatory in Australia to meet bank officers and sign documents on your behalf, you can avail our Nominee Director or Resident Agent services to fulfill these requirements. 

You must make sure all the documents you submit are fully verified, to avoid rejection or delay in case bank officers request supporting documents. We will help you file the necessary documents for account opening and consistently communicate with the bank on your behalf.

If you submit all necessary requirements and the bank is quick to approve your application, the account opening process can take 5-10 business days. If the bank should require due diligence documents, the account opening can take up to 5 weeks. If you are required to present due diligence documents, we will assist you in preparing these documents to expedite the process.  

Open an Australian Corporate Bank Account with a Trusted Firm

We have established relationships with Australia’s best banks for our clients’ corporate banking needs, offering the best possible type of bank account suitable for their business. You can leverage our good professional relations to seamlessly open your Australian corporate bank account and enjoy any exclusive benefits that your bank of choice can offer.

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Prepare the right documents and avoid delays with our corporate bank account opening services.

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