Company Formation Services in Australia

Setting up a company in Australia doesn’t have to be complicated. At Company Set Up Australia, we are ready to guide you through every step of the process, from deciding the ideal business structure to obtaining the necessary registrations for your new Australian company.

Get your setup requirements in order

Before local and foreign investors can register a company in Australia, they must fulfil the following pre-registration requirements:

  • Assess the right business structure
  • Choose a company name
  • Choose a local business address
  • Choose corporate officeholders (including at least 1 Australian resident director)

We will help you get the ball rolling for your new company in Australia with tailored, practical corporate solutions to set you up for success.


Determine the right business structure

Want to establish a domestic corporation in Australia? Or obtain licencing for your foreign company? Whatever business structure you want to set up, we have the right experts to assist you.

Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company

Ideal for investors seeking to set up a domestic (subsidiary) corporation. A Pty Ltd allows 100% foreign ownership and offers limited liability, tax incentives, and wide options for raising capital.

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Suitable for foreign corporations seeking to carry out operations in Australia. Required to appoint a resident agent to meet compliance obligations. May not be taxable, subject to eligibility.

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A “ready-made” company ideal for local and foreign investors who want to immediately start doing business in Australia by purchasing all the shares in a company that has neither traded nor has any trading history.

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Not sure which one to choose?

We offer a one-time free consultation to help you assess which one is the most ideal for your business plans.

Why Choose Us

Digital Platform for
Seamless Registration

We centralise our processes through a cloud based digital platform to manage your registration paperwork, submission deadlines, and ongoing compliance.

Exclusive Partnerships for
Ongoing Services

We have exclusive partnerships with firms that offer post-registration services to help you manage payroll, accounting, government grants, and tax compliance.

Cross-border Expertise for
Your Expansion Needs

We offer cross-border corporate solutions to help you expand your business in over 8 countries in the Asia-Pacific.