Not Sure Which Permits and Licences You Need for Your Business?

Business Permits Registration Services in Australia

We provide Business Permits Registration services to companies in Australia required to obtain licences and permits to legally operate in their chosen business. Our business consultants are well-versed in processing the specific requirements you need to secure the right licenses/permits.

Without proper guidance, it can be confusing to know which licences and permits to process during business registration in Australia. Especially since they depend on several factors that are specific to your business. To avoid oversight and delays in processing, it is best to consult with a service provider to expedite the application. Failure to secure the right licences and permits will result to fines, penalties, or suspension of your business.

Our Business Permits Registration Services

What Requirements Do I Need to Process to Obtain Licences and Permits in Australia?

The specific permits and licences you need to secure will depend on the following:

You will generally have licencing requirements to process if you engage business in/as any of the following industries/professions:

  • motor vehicle industry
  • property industry
  • food and beverage industry
  • employment agencies
  • building contractors
  • debt collectors
  • auditors
  • travel agencies
  • real estate agents

For a specific list of the licenses and/or permits you need to secure for your chosen business/activities/territory, you can visit the official website of the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS). The ABLIS will provide you information on the following:

  • summary of your nominated state/territory, local and federal government requirements for your business
  • contact details of the government agency to process the licence/permit with
  • licence and permit details

Register the Right Permits and Licences for Your Business in Australia

The Australian government provides free resources online on what licences and permits you may need when you register a company in Australia, including the process and other pertinent information. Though you can conduct the entire process yourself, it is common for government agencies to request additional documentation or reject applications with incorrect/insufficient documentation.

To avoid delays and frustrations, we at Company Set Up Australia will assist you with registering for the right permits and licences so you can get your business up and running fast and hassle-free.

Process the right documents and avoid delays with our business permits registration services.

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